Monday, July 14, 2014

The Poisoned Iftar ...

You are invited to the poisoned Iftar!

I am very disappointed I did not receive the White House Iftar invite. Perhaps because:  
Heck ya - I will do this all over again and many times over.

After I signed on the petition to boycott WH Iftar, I received some responses from the "Good Muslims"  which I share below for your pleasure read.
  • When President calls, you go.
  • America has blessed me and I will not boycott the President.
  • No King calls me for Iftar, President does
And now let's see few responses from the "Bad Muslims." 
  • I would never sit in the same room with the blood thirsty suckers in dark suits.
  • I will die over becoming killers' accomplice.
  • Sure I will go if the WH flies me first class & sends a limo so that I can have the Kabobs at the Afghan Kabob House in Arlington, VA 
I have overheard that some Muslims have not only boycotted the WH Iftar but called for a justice-vigil outside the WH while some Muslim organizations have already shipped out their men and women of valor to break bread with Brother Hussein who is afraid to use his middle name.

Since I am at this, let me quote a conversation I have had few years ago with a leading Muslim leader about the WH Iftar:
  • Me: Why are "you: not invited to the WH Iftar, after all you are a leading voice of Muslims
  • Leader: Shame on me if I am invited and double shame on me if I accept it
  • Me: Why do you say "shame?"
  • Leader: Any Muslim who is invited to the WH Iftar must be ashamed of himself/herself and the organization they work for. Instead they should ask themselves a critical question, "what are they doing wrong?"

Now I ask that you - whoever you may be the Good Muslim or the Bad Muslim - look up the list of WH Iftar proponents & ask the question to yourself - "are they in service of people or the Master?"

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