Friday, October 7, 2011

On 10 Year Anniversary of US Killing in Afghanistan

Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace organized a public rally and civil disobedience commemorating 10 year anniversary of US invasion on Afghanistan - now the longest war.

One of the main street in downtown Los Angeles was shut down while we marched that's followed by talks and some music. Pasted below is my brief remarks and then some press clips from the action today.

My remarks: At this ten year anniversary of the US invasion on Afghanistan, I stand with my fellow Americans as a “bruised American” in a “broken America” --- whose ideals I cherish but whose policies I despise. If the U.S. policy of pre-emptive war is any justification to stop potential threats then America may be bombed every day!

Today, I mourn all victims of America … the young soldiers of our nation and also the suckling children of the wailing mothers and the grieving fathers in Afghanistan.

On this day, I renew my pledge to oppose any leader of any color - for invading countries and killing innocent people and calling them a mere collateral damage.

I believe, the old America 1.0 is near dead --- and

I believe, the new America 2.0 is born in Manhattan and growing up here in Los Angeles.

I ask America to join me today – not in mourning the death of old America but to nurture the new America

A New America - that does not shy in questioning the wisdom of waging wars

A New America – that refuses to submit to the policies of death and destruction

A New America – that insists for life and for health, for education and for work

And most importantly --- a New America – that embraces all of humanity as the creation of God

Press Coverage from the action today:

- ABC - Channel 7

- NBC Channel 4

- Yahoo News & KCAL - Chnnel 9

- ICUJP video collage Part-1 and Part-2