Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Truth, Terror & Tyranny 
March 13, 2013 (10 year anniversary of US invasion on Iraq)
As the terror master is getting ready to go to the land of tyranny, I thought I should give him some reading material for the road. Instead of going to the land of tyranny, a.k.a. Israel, he should stay home and reflect on the following. 

So sit down, shut up, and listen, Mr. President:

1. On March 19, 2013, visit the families of nearly 5,000 soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq.

2. Kneel down and ask your Creator for forgiveness for killing more than 150,000 innocent Iraqis (including women and children) these last ten years. 

3. While you are on your knees, also ask Him to forgive you for killing more innocent Afghani and Pakistani men, women and children than the buffoon before you.

4. Rethink your love of monster machines that are killing people, including American citizens, all over the world. Remember the adage: “chickens always come home to roost.” This may happen before you meet your Lord.

5. Some avid readers keep Reading Lists; you are known to keep a Kill List. So what does that make you, exactly?

6. How the hell did you manage to become a professor of U.S. Constitutional law and still write National Defense Authorization Act? I am stumped on this one.

7. Your bailouts got the Big 3 in Detroit billions of dollars while the city itself is bankrupt and sewage is already on streets. Your bailouts also gave birth to 17 new billionaires this last year while increasing hungry mouths from 100 million to 100+ million Americans.

8. Now, you are going to the land of terrorists, tyrants, and cowards who terrorize Gazan children from the skies. The other day I heard your loud-mouthed assistant shouting obscenities during the celebrations of Terrorists Lite in Washington DC. He said that none of your predecessors can even come close to your love for these terrorists, tyrants, and cowards.

9. You call yourself a Christian, right? So if you do end up in Bethlehem, visit the birthplace of the man whom you say you worship … close your eyes and ask yourself what would he do if he were you – kill people or save people?

10. And, that is the truth, Mr. President. If it tastes bitter, suck it up … I’ve been forced to do just that for some years.

Shakeel Syed
A taxpayer from California