Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My prayer in downtown Visalia before visiting the office of Congressman Devin Nunes asking him for his support for Pathway to

My prayer in downtown Visalia on August 27, 2013, before visiting the office of Congressman Devin Nunes asking him for his support for Pathway to Citizenship.

With me were my 14 pilgrim comrades & also Roberto Bustos, the Capitan of the historic 1966 March that was organized by late Cesar Chavez in support of Delano grape farm workers. They had walked from Delano to Sacramento in 1966 and we walked from Sacramento to Bakersfield in 2013. Injustice continues and so does our struggle for justice! 


Dear God:

We have gathered here today as your witness and as a witness to the dreams and aspirations of our 11 million brothers & sisters.

We embrace each one of them and their loved ones as our brothers and as our sisters.

We join them and pray with them for their demand of a "pathway to citizenship."

Dear God ... the very creation of our nation was meant to glorify your name, freely, and

to pursue opportunities for a better tomorrow and to also live with dignity, honor and freedom from the tyranny of the oppressors.

Dear God ... we stand here today as people of diverse faiths but a community of conscience who believe that -

You, O Dear God, never ask us for papers, but the ungodly people do.

Dear God, we also know that Your mercy and grace is all inclusive -

You  embrace everyone with Your infinite love, and so do we ...

May "they" come to live and/or work from the shores of the Atlantic or the Pacific

by Sea or by Land, or

may we call them "naturalized" or "aliens" -

we as your devoted servants, welcome them in our hearts and in our neighborhoods, and

we welcome them with our unconditional love and respect, just as you do.

Dear God ... we pray that in this land of all colors and many languages -

ALL of them - ALL of them have only one status, and that

they are YOUR creation - You created them equally and

You have endowed upon all - honor and dignity.

So today our dear Lord, we stand in front of you,

asking you of Your Grace and Mercy upon all of us

Bless us today and tomorrow with the strength

to keep on walking and

to keep on fighting for the

Pathway to Citizenship.