Sunday, March 20, 2011

UN Resolutions - Who Resolves What for Whom & Why?

To ignore the ethical disparities of United States love and hate for United Nations is near foolish. United Nations is loved by the United States only when its resolutions are for any country but Israel.

The United States has vetoed nearly all of UN resolutions toward Israel’s perpetual rejection of international law for many decades. But the United States is always ever ready to embrace and over-zealously implement UN resolution[s] against Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. Any sane person with snail's brain ought to question these disparities if not expose them.

The world now knows why United States jumped in to save Iraqis from Iranians, Kuwaitis from Iraqis and now allowing Saudis to save Bahrainis from Bahrainis. It was not for and has never been to save the lives of innocent people but to rob their natural resources and advance its geo-political interests.

The United States humanitarian concern is always selective and questionable. Yes for Libya but not for Bahrain and Yemen.

People of reason must remain vigilant toward the United States' rationale for United Nations resolutions that it either authors or supports and acknowledge them for what they are - they are a license to kill innocent people in the name of protecting them, but only in certain countries. Go figure Yankee!

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