Sunday, December 27, 2009

Abhorred & Harvested

Abhorred & Harvested
(commemorating Gaza massacre and
lamenting Israelis harvesting organs of the Palestinians)

Life abhorred
Death harvested

Moments into eternity
pain slows time

Days fly away
joys speed moments

Robbed and ripped
from adolescence to age

Tender hands - oblivious
tears on the white beard

Grandma’s wrinkles
long stories and sighs

Maidens - tippy toes
hope across the Wall
Hope renews itself
and [often] buries itself

Uprooted trees
dew drops homeless

Mountains, rivers
waiting to be trampled, splashed

Hamlets, villages
last few pearls left on the bride

Church - loudly still
Mosque - silently screaming
Synagogue - peacefully afraid

God All-Mighty, the All Hearing, the All Knowing
we are abhorred when alive and harvested when dead!

Shakeel Syed
Culver City – Dec 27, 2009

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