Sunday, May 24, 2009

Same old boring drama with a new title

Who do "they" really think "we" are ... bunch of lolly pop sucking kids ... well, some say that some Muslims are precisely just that ... why - becuase they seem to be ever so ready to happily take a sit-down shower under the breaking news by CNN & the crackling leaks of falsehood & baloney by NY Times. I think the adage fits well here ... "shame on you if you fool me once & shame on me if you fool me twice" ...
Well, friends, other than the barrage of press releases & statements praising spooks ... plz ALSO read this - an informed citizenry with a bit of fire in the belly almost guarantees good democracy.

1) FBI blows it (

2) The Newburgh Four (

3) Portrait of an idiot (

4) Connect the dots that tells us spooks are idiots (

5) This is a long but essential read in view of FBI's agents/provocateurs recently confirmed to be inside the Mosqaues (

6) Not much different across the pond - see this

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