Thursday, November 6, 2008

Symbolism VS Substance

As I watch --- Royal Decrees and Presidential Memos issued; official letterheads wasted; websites flooded; cheerleaders lined up; loyalists elated and all of them believing in themselves more than ever, simply because they are told to do so.

Muslim-Americans in particular are euphoric and have silently accepted Limbaugh’s allegation that “the Saviour has come.” I offer a two word advice to Muslim-Americans - “read history.”

Nelson Mandela did not change South Africa. Václav Havel did not change Czech Republic. Hamid Karzai did not change Afghanistan, nor the good hearted Noor Maliki changed Iraq.

Blindly storing hope in a man who refuses to acknowledge any part of Islam, including even a symbolic recognition of fifteen centuries old faith with more than a billion followers, is foolish, to say the least.

Loyalists must remind the Constitutional Law Professor that his day one’s assignment ought to be invested in restoring the Constitution - by freeing of the innocent from the Guantanamo Bay, by ending illegal surveillance of law abiding citizens and by recognizing the beauty and meaning of his first and middle name and not be ashamed of it.

Being the “first” is good but to become “great” is better, Mr. President.

And as for the citizenry, patriotism is good but patriotism of dissent is better.

And to all – “Symbolism is good but substance is much better.”

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