Thursday, August 21, 2008


After reading my friend Huwaida Arraf's email today (during the day) - as she sets sail on FREE GAZA in the hope for a FREE GAZA, I found myself sleepless ...
My routine of embracing slumber while reading was defeated tonight. I woke up past midnight and wrote the following ...

"FGSS" is pronounced in this poem as figs (theen in Arabic) - a native fruit of the Occupied Holy Lands &
the "46" are the forty six sailors sailing to save the soul of humanity ...
This poem is dedicated to FGSS (Free Gaza & SS Liberty) and 46

With much love and prayers
Aug 21 past midnight in California ... to
the beloved FGSS & the most loved 46 on their dawn of Aug 22nd

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Strong shore is every ship's beloved
but FGSS restless to set sail
Sea is her sweetheart and
They are united by love.

Comfy blankies and fireplaces are everyone's dream
but the 46 on FGSS are eager to
Brace the winds and
Laugh at the waves
They are full of purpose and mercy.

The Gazzans are bread-less
Yet they bride their bay to Ahlan the FGSS & the 46

Hope has no rules
Love has no regulations
Stop them if you can
The Gazans are for FGSS
and the FGSS are for them.

Their combined passions are deeper than the seas
At each restless eventide
They will sing the song of hope
Printing wild Bosa upon each other

Together, they will lift the drowning soul of hopelessness
and carry it tenderly to the home of hope.

Stop them if you can
O' The Peaceful Blue and the Pointy Star!

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